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Sparkle Carry and Display Case

Sparkle Carry and Display Case

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This Sparkle Carry and Display Case is ideal for storing, carrying, and displaying your fairy hair colors, and therefore a must-have for your business! You can hang it and use it vertically or lay it on a table and use it horizontally. It was designed to be practical and mobile as well as professional and classy.

PLEASE NOTE - THE GARMENT RACK IN THE PICTURES IS NOT INCLUDED, but makes an excellent hanging structure with added shelving. You can get this rack on Amazon.

The carrying case is black, light weight, and features handles on each end for carrying and a zipper for opening and closing. it folds in half and zips closed to carry by the handle, or you can fold it in thirds and carry underarm. It has a large pocket for storing tools, extra sparkle strands, and other supplies. The case also has a small pocket for your business cards or quickly storing your sparkle tool. You can store your sparkle strand packaging on the 19 mini clips attached at the top for faster display or you can store them on the hanger on the inside of the large zippered pocket. 2 straps are recommended when using the case horizontally on a table. There is also an inner metal loop to hang the hanger on in the large zip-up pocket. You can use this if you do not want the hanger to be visible, but still need to store items on the hanger inside the large pocket.

-1 elegant hanger with a swivel rose gold or silver hook. This will allow you to easily hang your case as well as store your sparkle strand packaging inside the zippered pocket.
-20 BLACK or silver slim round hooks to hold your sparkle strand packaging. These snap into the mini hooks and do not fall out. You will need to attach your fairy hair packaging to these round hooks. Please see my video on YouTube on how to re-package fairy hair. Search "fairy hair care feathers and fairy hair"
-2 THIN velcro straps to hold down the sparkle colors in an outdoor or windy setting. 2 straps are recommended for horizontal use. They can also be used for holding the case to a rack or other structure. They can be removed if desired. The case can be zipped closed with the new thin strap still attached.
-19 mini clips attached to the inner flap (with 2 extra). The round hooks will clip into the mini hooks. The mini hooks can hold more than one round hook and therefore more than just one sparkle strand color. If you need to re-attach the mini hooks, please add super glue to the adhesive side before doing so.


    Shipping is $15 and is handled by the United States Postal Service. Please allow at least for 5 business days for shipping. If you'd like to avoid shipping costs, book a service and I'll bring the item to you!


    Please contact me for any questions or issues with your purchase.

    Phone number: 704.703.9433


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